Welcome to my personal portfolio!

Hi, I'm a beginning front-end developer.

I'm curently looking for new projects to extend my skills in JS Frameworks and Libraries.

Web application

Demo App

July - September 2021

Creating custom web application

React powered application run from browser.

App created using Javascript with embeded css from external library and custom syntax.

The whole thing is shared on Netlify host server through source Git Repository.



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Web and design

Band Website

April - July 2021

Official band portfolio

Portfolio for band from Prague. Includes information about interprets, links to social media and latest news.


Anime.js v3.2.1

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Company Website

April - May 2021

Company developing new eco-friendly and high performance homes with low running cost.

Website was translated from english original and edited according toczech language specifications.

Main work was done in Wordpress, additional expressions had to be edited directly in html/php, to resolve any typographycal errors.


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Portfolio website

June-July 2020

Portfolio for graphic designer with finished products and projects.

Desktop demo version of student portfolio. Said student created graphic vector files and affiliate svgs for this demo project.

Due to missing graphics, mobile version is poor and unsupported.


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